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  • Non-GMO Pasta in nutrients and easy to absorb
  • Low sodium, no seasoning, retain the original taste of ingredients
  • Made by high temperature and high-pressure sterilization
  • Vacuum packaging, no added preservatives and MSG
  • Heated in water for 3 minutes ready to eat, easy to take the baby out of the street/travel
  • Soft texture and easy to feed
  • No salt
  • No sugar
  • No seasoning
  • No preservatives
  • No chemical additives
  • No added coloring

- Wide portable and with quality zip.
- High quality, eco-friendly, fashion, lightweight, thick, soft, durable, waterproof and insulated.
- High quality imported eco-friendly aluminum foil, thermal insulation, back radiation, waterproof and excellent weatherability.
- There are insulation coating inside the insulated cooler bag, perfect for keeping breastmilk cool and fresh.


To carry this bag, you can either use handle on top or sling using the 1.6 meter removable strap or bag pack style.

Insulated wipeable lining keeps bottles/food warm or cold for a long time.

With ice packs (sold separately) ,the effect is better


- Water repellent surface
- Water proof pouch
- Portable
- Extra large changing mat
- BPA Free


Comfy Living Playpen Topper Cover made from 100% jersey cotton cover make more comfortable and enhance quality of sleep. Suitable fit to Comfy Baby playpen topper only.

Size : 71 x 104 x 3cm
Material : 100% Jersey Cotton

Silky Touch


Luca Baby Cot Features

  • Araucaria Cunninghamii, Imported Solid Wood
  • Water-base Environmentally Friendly Paint
  • High Quality Screw Kits
  • Rounded Edge Design
  • Angled Leg Design
  • Conform to the European Standard EN 716-1:2008
  • Maximum supported weight = 60kg
  • 3 adjustable base levels
  • Drop-side with three fixed sides, & one side which can slide up/down or remove
  • Convertible to toddler bed
  • Convertible to sofa bed



- A premium quality bedding set exclusively dedicated to the world of babies.

- The pieces are designed and tailored for the little one’s at most comfort & safety in mind.

- Topper Mattress made by Cooling Gel Memory Foam that draw heat away from the sleeper by providing a cooler surface for your body to interact with.

  • Included Non-slip Silicone Suction Plate
  • 3 Compartment / 5 Compartment
  • High Quality Stainless SUS 304 material
✅ Halal
✅ GMP Certification
✅ HACCP Certification
✅ KOSHER Certification
✅ ISO22000 Certification

❤️ 100% Natural fruits 100%天然蔬菜水果
❤️ Premium selected Vegetables and Fruits 精选优质蔬菜水果
❤️ Freeze Dried -40c process 采用先进零下40度真空冻干技术
❤️ No Heaty 不热气
❤️ Nuts Free 香脆美味
❤️ Oil Free 非油炸
❤️ Non Fried (will cause nutrients loss) 非烘干
❤️ Non Bake (will cause nutrients loss) 非烘烤
❤️ Remain high nutrient as fresh! 天然营养价值
❤️ Easy Carry 适合方便外带&旅行


✅EU Organic 欧洲有机认证
✅GMP Certification
✅HACCP Certification
✅ISO Certification

❤️Oil Free 不经油炸或高温处理,营养保留无热气
❤️Non-GMO 非基因改造
❤️Gluten Free 零麩,低敏感婴儿食品系列
❤️No Trans Fat 无反式脂肪
❤️No Preservatives 天然有机,不含添加防腐剂
❤️No Milk, Egg&Nuts 不含牛奶,坚果,大豆,麦麸,鸡蛋,减低宝宝敏感风险
❤️100% Real Fruit&Veg 100%采用有机水果和蔬菜
❤️Vegan Friendly 适合素食者
❤️No Artificial Colours 不含添加色素
❤️No Artificial Flavoring 不含添加调味剂
❤️No Salt&Sugar Added 无添加糖,盐



Suitable for babies 1 year old or older
Content volume : 16g

✅ No added artificial color 无添加任何化学色素
✅ No added preservation 无添加防腐剂
✅ Gluten-Free 不含麸质
✅ Make with Real Fruit 47.76% 采取新鲜水果47.76%
✅ 4 billion CFU live active cultures 含40亿活性乳酸菌
✅ Freeze-Dried 采用先进冻干技术



Suitable for babies 1 year old or older | 适合12个月以上

✅ 英国严格有机测试OF&G Organic
✅ No added salt 无添加盐
✅ No added artificial color 无添加任何化学色素
✅ No added preservatives无防腐剂



Ingredients: Renewal white2 (Organic sugar, vegetable oil, mixed skim milk powder, lecithin), Chemical-free brown rice, wheat flour, Cheese powder, Organic Sugar, Sea salt. Contain wheat, milk and soy bean.

Nutritional Information
• Serving Size : 1 pack (25g)
• Amount per Serving : Energy : 115kcal, Carbohydrate : 19g, Sugars : 5.1g, Protein : 2g, Fat : 3.5g, Saturated fatty acid : 1.3g, Trans fatty acid : 0g, Cholesterol : 0mg, Sodium : 68.9mg

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, keep in cool dry place. Even within expiry date, once opened, please consume as soon as possible.

  • Ultra silent teachnology - Pump in peace and quiet
  • Rechargeable - Last up to 5 hours
  • Wearable - Small, light weight and truly hands free, Lacfree electric breast pump is worn inside and standard nursing bra
  • Hassle free - Wireless. Each pump has just five parts to clean and takes seconds to assemble
  • Designed for comfort and convenience - pump anytime, anywhere
  • Easy Assembled and Transport
  • Removable Changing Table
  • Zip Removable Intermediate Level 
  • Zipper Game Entrance (Playing Mode)
  • 2 Wheels with Stopper
  • Easy Assembled and Transport
  • Removable Changing Table with Canopy
  • Side Storage Bag
  • Zip Removable Intermediate Level 
  • Zipper Game Entrance (Playing Mode)
  • 2 Wheels with Stopper