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  • Car seat– Use a car seat and bring your baby home safely from the hospital
  • Stroller– Set your baby in a stroller when attending for a regular check-up at the hospital
  • Cot & Swing- Help to take care of your baby’s daily doings, while you are focusing at work, at home.
  • - Buttery soft and stretchy fabric makes it perfect as a maternity briefs.
  • - Comfortably fits with low waist and v-shaped design each step of the way.
  • - The seamless design and expandable fabric perfectly support your unique shape and movement.
  • - Widen back design, prevent from slipping down.
  • - High elasticity band for perfect support and fit.
  • 传统手工酿造 | Traditionally fermented
  • 超过6个月酿造 | More than 6 months fermentation
  • 5 种有机原材料而已 | Made from 5 ingredients only
  • 没任何添加 ! | NO addictive
  • 专为小孩健康而设 | Kids friendly
  • No salt
  • No sugar
  • No seasoning
  • No preservatives
  • No chemical additives
  • No added coloring

- Wide portable and with quality zip.
- High quality, eco-friendly, fashion, lightweight, thick, soft, durable, waterproof and insulated.
- High quality imported eco-friendly aluminum foil, thermal insulation, back radiation, waterproof and excellent weatherability.
- There are insulation coating inside the insulated cooler bag, perfect for keeping breastmilk cool and fresh.


Comfy Living Playpen Topper Cover made from 100% jersey cotton cover make more comfortable and enhance quality of sleep. Suitable fit to Comfy Baby playpen topper only.

Size : 71 x 104 x 3cm
Material : 100% Jersey Cotton

Silky Touch


- A premium quality bedding set exclusively dedicated to the world of babies.

- The pieces are designed and tailored for the little one’s at most comfort & safety in mind.

- Topper Mattress made by Cooling Gel Memory Foam that draw heat away from the sleeper by providing a cooler surface for your body to interact with.

  • Included Non-slip Silicone Suction Plate
  • 3 Compartment / 5 Compartment
  • High Quality Stainless SUS 304 material
✅ Halal
✅ GMP Certification
✅ HACCP Certification
✅ KOSHER Certification
✅ ISO22000 Certification

❤️ 100% Natural fruits 100%天然蔬菜水果
❤️ Premium selected Vegetables and Fruits 精选优质蔬菜水果
❤️ Freeze Dried -40c process 采用先进零下40度真空冻干技术
❤️ No Heaty 不热气
❤️ Nuts Free 香脆美味
❤️ Oil Free 非油炸
❤️ Non Fried (will cause nutrients loss) 非烘干
❤️ Non Bake (will cause nutrients loss) 非烘烤
❤️ Remain high nutrient as fresh! 天然营养价值
❤️ Easy Carry 适合方便外带&旅行


✅EU Organic 欧洲有机认证
✅GMP Certification
✅HACCP Certification
✅ISO Certification

❤️Oil Free 不经油炸或高温处理,营养保留无热气
❤️Non-GMO 非基因改造
❤️Gluten Free 零麩,低敏感婴儿食品系列
❤️No Trans Fat 无反式脂肪
❤️No Preservatives 天然有机,不含添加防腐剂
❤️No Milk, Egg&Nuts 不含牛奶,坚果,大豆,麦麸,鸡蛋,减低宝宝敏感风险
❤️100% Real Fruit&Veg 100%采用有机水果和蔬菜
❤️Vegan Friendly 适合素食者
❤️No Artificial Colours 不含添加色素
❤️No Artificial Flavoring 不含添加调味剂
❤️No Salt&Sugar Added 无添加糖,盐



Suitable for babies 1 year old or older
Content volume : 16g

✅ No added artificial color 无添加任何化学色素
✅ No added preservation 无添加防腐剂
✅ Gluten-Free 不含麸质
✅ Make with Real Fruit 47.76% 采取新鲜水果47.76%
✅ 4 billion CFU live active cultures 含40亿活性乳酸菌
✅ Freeze-Dried 采用先进冻干技术



Ingredients: Renewal white2 (Organic sugar, vegetable oil, mixed skim milk powder, lecithin), Chemical-free brown rice, wheat flour, Cheese powder, Organic Sugar, Sea salt. Contain wheat, milk and soy bean.

Nutritional Information
• Serving Size : 1 pack (25g)
• Amount per Serving : Energy : 115kcal, Carbohydrate : 19g, Sugars : 5.1g, Protein : 2g, Fat : 3.5g, Saturated fatty acid : 1.3g, Trans fatty acid : 0g, Cholesterol : 0mg, Sodium : 68.9mg

Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, keep in cool dry place. Even within expiry date, once opened, please consume as soon as possible.

  • NO – Leak with ‘+ Cut’
  • 2 Ways of Using
  • Hot Water Disinfection
  • Microwave Dafe
  • BPA (Bisphenol – A) Free
  • PPSU Material
  • 360° Ergonomic Handle Turning
  • Drop Resistant
  • NO – Leak with ‘+ Cut’
  • 2 Ways of Using
  • Hot Water Disinfection
  • Microwave Dafe
  • BPA (Bisphenol – A) Free
  • PPSU Material
  • 360° Ergonomic Handle Turning
  • Drop Resistant
  • Breathable air mesh, easy to put your baby in with no assistance
  • Adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps, from petites to plus size moms
  • Designed with C-shaped, matches the shape of the baby's vertebral, keeps baby legs M-shape to make baby cozy
  • Wider belt, provides great lumbar support to disperse the pressure
  • Adjusted to fit standard cot with 4-sided wrap
  • Keep little limbs safely inside the cot at all times
  • 100% Jersey Cotton
  • Silky Touch
  • Hypoallergic