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Q BABY MARKET Organic Black Bean Soy Sauce
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Q Baby Market Organic Black Bean
Soy Sauce Made from only 3 ingredients:
Selected non-GMO organic black beans, salt and water, brewed in a natural and traditional way through the sun bath : 365 days of warm sunshine. Each bottle of soy sauce is treated with high-tech food sterilization: kill the harmful germs to protect your loved one's health: especially babies, elderly and pregnant mothers.

Q Baby Market Organic Soy Sauce made with Simple
-selected non-GMO organic black beans, salt and water
-Not condiments sauce : No additional salt, sugar, kelp extract(Kombu extract), mirin (cooking wine), yeast extract or other seasonings are added
-Traditional brewing method:
Natural fermented soy sauce: Directly fermented with beans and special strains. Not Chemically produce nor condiment.

-Brewed with non-GMO organic black beans for one year (365 days)
-100% no added wheat, gluten free
-High-tech hygiene food sterilization
-Suitable for vegetarians
-Baby companion, care for the family
-The aroma is rounded, full of flavor and the taste is light
-enhance fragrance of your favorite dishes, does not add too much saltiness
-Non-GMO organic black beans
-MSG Free
-Sugars Free
-Wheat Free
-No added artificial colors
-No added artificial flavoring
-No preservatives
-No added food additives
-No added corn syrup
-No Sweetener
-No added fructose
-No alcohol
-No 3-MCPD (cancer causing compound)
-Not condiments sauce
-Not Artificial chemical synthetic soy sauce
-Third party certification from SGS
-Certified organic agricultural products in Taiwan
-Agricultural Products Processing Verification Center of Chaoyang University of Science and Technology: Organic Agricultural Product Certification
-Suitable for all age group

Warming Reminder: Once opening please keep in refrigerate


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