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MEENE Pure Feminine Clean Wipes 10 Sheets (Lavender) - Flushable Fabric
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Brand Meene
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For Ladies ️️️
When to use
️ Before or During or After period Days
️ To freshen after exercise
️ To remove ODOR causing bacteria
️ After use a toilet
️ During outdoor activity

Contain with Lavender oil
It catches unpleasant Smells, providing a comfortable and deep moisturizing after use
Lavender oil has a fatigue relief and soothing effect, and in a small amount it is safe enough to be applied directly to the skin

Ultrapure water : 7 step purifying process, it can eliminate the germs, micro-particles, even ions.

️Bio-degradable 100% biodegradable make it environmental friendly️
No More MESSY and mess up the toilet paper or end up spraying the bidet all over the toilet, you will be cleansed perfectly after toilet.
️No Skin Irritation Tested By ellead ( Skin Irritation 0.0%)
️7 Kind of paraben tested
️Zero Microbe and zero Germ test Completed ( PH 4.5- 5.5 )
️Slightly Acid ( PH4.5-5.5) is suitable to female muliebria , Safe for sensitive famale Pudenda
️Artficial flavoring ( Zero Artificial Flavoring)

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