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K-Mom USDA Organic Baby Laundry Detergent / Softener (1700ml / 1300ml)
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Brand K-mom/Mother-K
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The K-MOM laundry line is made from natural plant extracts and purified water, so every contact in the laundry with the babys skin is gentle and non-irritating. Especially high-quality ingredients are gathered from nature. The USDA certified, organic, and carefully selected natural extracts.

1) Aloe vera leaves.
Aloe Vera leaf Extracts this ingredient moisturizes the skin and maintains moisture balance.
2) Chamomile flowers.
Chamomile flower extract a very gentle ingredient that cuts skin irritation and gives you soft fabrics.
3) Lavender blossom extract.
Known as the Queen of Plants. Soft, healthy skin and has soothing properties.
4) Asian centeles leaves.
Asians are a leaf extract from an old known Indian herb that has medicinal properties and is used in medicine. Has an antibacterial effect.
5) Green tea.
Green Tea Leaf extract. Cultivates longevity and has antibacterial properties.

Why choose K-MOM softener?
1) 100% natural palm oil and other natural plant extracts.
The softener is environmentally friendly. The main ingredient is 100% natural palm oil, which is organic and biodegradable. Does not leave any softener residue after washing.
2) Non-irritating to skin-safe choice for babies.
Declined 10 harmful chemicals that can irritate babys skin or cause other side effects.
3) Antistatic effect.
The fabric softener maintains the texture and softness of the fabric. The main surfactant is palm oil, has natural antistatic properties and reduces tissue damage.
4)Organic ingredients.
USDA approved organic ingredients provide excellent protection for tissues and baby skin. The scent of freshness and naturalness after each wash. A natural scent from the organic ingredients that is felt in the laundry after each wash.

Packing :
1700ml / bottle or 1300ml / Pack

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