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K-MOM Kids Toothbrush (STEP 1 / STEP 2) / Toothpaste with Non Fluoride / Fluoride
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Take care of your baby's teeth with this 2 step custom care toothbrush, with bristles made to suit the oral structure of children at various stage of growth�
STEP 1: 12m~ 36m
STEP 2: 24m ~ 12y

Comfortable grip. 1.5 times fuller of soft bristles. Wider brush head for thorough cleaning with Safety & Quality proof. Manufactured by ISO-Certified company.

As a mother ,you're careful when choosing your baby's first -ever toothpaste.
Am i taking good care of my child's first teeth?
Mother-k has the answer to suit the needs of your child's teeth every stage of their development .
A two - step customized oral care solution"
with fluoride -free and low fluoride options suitable for children's use ,the K-MOM toothpaste is made from natural ingredients and is safe enough for children to sawllow .
K-MOM Non Fluoride toothpaste for babies 30g
Open the cap and dispense the toothpaste onto the brush. Coat a small amount of toothpaste onto the child's gum and teeth. softly massage the gum and teeth to remove food and plaque .wipe the inside of the mouth with clean gauze after brushing .use in the morning and before bed for the best results.
K-MOM Low Fluoride toothpaste for kids 50g
Dispense the toothpaste onto the brush and brush teeth as usual.

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