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Diaper Bag / Cooler Bag
Diaper Bag / Cooler Bag
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- Wide portable and with quality zip.
- High quality, eco-friendly, fashion, lightweight, thick, soft, durable, waterproof and insulated.
- High quality imported eco-friendly aluminum foil, thermal insulation, back radiation, waterproof and excellent weatherability.
- There are insulation coating inside the insulated cooler bag, perfect for keeping breastmilk cool and fresh.


To carry this bag, you can either use handle on top or sling using the 1.6 meter removable strap or bag pack style.

Insulated wipeable lining keeps bottles/food warm or cold for a long time.

With ice packs (sold separately) ,the effect is better


- Water repellent surface
- Water proof pouch
- Portable
- Extra large changing mat
- BPA Free