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GROOMY Baby Kids Tomato Ketchup / Food Powder Serbuk Perasa Makanan Baby (Economy Pack) | Halal
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No White Sugar

No White Salt

No Coloring


Kids Tomato Ketchup Original is a mixture of Tomato with Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Himalayan Pink Salt and Vinegar. It is high in fiber and contain vitamins to help children grow.


Kids Tomato Ketchup Squash Carrot is a mixture of Tomato with Organic Pumpkin Powder and Organic Carrot Powder. It is high in fiber and contains multivitamins that help children’s digestion and growth.


Kids Tomato Ketchup Green Veggies is a mixture of Tomato with Spinach Powder and Organic Broccoli Powder. It is rich in vitamins and a source of antioxidants that help strengthen kids’ bones as well as improve development of their eyes.


Suitable 1 year and above. expires in 2 years.

It is used as a flavoring and in cooking.


Storage Instruction:

Keep in a cool and dry place before open and keep refrigerated after opening.



3-in-1 Groomy Economy Pack! This set contains 3 natural and organic savory powders which are Salmon Floss (15g), Organic Mixed Veggies Powder (15g), and Chicken Powder (25g).


This Ria Economy Pack has been designed specifically for new parents who want to try Groomy products. Buyers can save more money by purchasing 3 mini products in one pack. Feel free to try the Salmon Floss, Organic Mixed Veggies Powder, and Chicken Powder. Expires in 2 years except for Salmon Floss in 1 year.


(1 serving = 2g (1/2 small spoon)):



- Safe For Baby

- Natural

- No Preservatives

- No Sugar & Salt

- No Coloring

- Adds Aroma & Flavor


Preparation Method:

1. Sprinkle onto ready-cooked food, or

2. Added to food that is being cooked. For example Pasta, porridge

3. Stir-fried in oil with onions or other ingredients and mixed into plain porridge to enhance the aroma and add to the baby’s appetite.


Storage Instruction:

Keep in a cool and dry place.

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