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[CD Choice] Elderberry Premium Juice 80ml
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With its sweet and sour taste, diabetic people can also drink it without worry because.
❎ No artificial additives, ✅ "Oligofructose" instead of white sugar, is a natural sweetener, but also a probiotic beneficial to the intestinal tract, helps to lower blood lipids, regulate blood sugar, control weight, improve constipation!

Suitable for families including children over 1 year old!


1 Elderberry
Rich in nutrients, especially the content of iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C.
Rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids, antivirin, # the most important feature is to fight against viruses to stop the spread of replication, a miracle cure for rhinitis, can shorten the flu
2 Red grapes
Resveratrol has anti-free radicals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular protection and other health benefits
3 Green Grapes
Nourishes lung energy, moistens the lungs and relieves cough, helps detoxify lung cells, and is particularly beneficial for frequent coughs or respiratory diseases
4 Vitamin C
A powerful antioxidant that helps promote the production of white blood cells and protects the body from infections, preventing and treating colds and various acute and chronic infectious diseases
5 Oligofructose
It is an Oligo prebiotic that helps to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, maintain the normal function of the nervous system, promote digestion and metabolism, and strengthen the immune system.

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