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Spectra S9+ Double Electric Breastpump / Package
Price RM709.00 - RM759.00 RM1,012.00 - RM1,062.00
Brand Spectra
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•Spectra S9+ main pump
•Breast Shield x 2
•Spectra Wide Neck Bottle x 2
•Soft teat x 1
•Tubing x 2
•Disc x 2
•Cap x 2
•Backflow filter x 2
•Valve x 2

Features of Spectra 9+:
- Can be operated from electrical outlet or inbuilt battery
- Backflow protection to ensure hygienic pumping
- Attractive, lightweight design
- Dual phase technology
- LED display
- Adjustable suction strength
- Capable of single and double-sided pumping
- BPA free kit


Spectra 9+ is the smallest and lightest breast pump weighing only 239 grams. It's the perfect solution for new generation mothers, who not only have to take the best care of their babies, but have to stay committed at work as well. Spectra 9+ comes with the concept "grab and go". Just put it in your bag and this mobile size breast pump is ready to travel with you anywhere, anytime. Also, Spectra 9+ is small and convenient. The LCD screen tells the working mode of the pump. For example, it tells the usage time, the intensity of the pump, and the remaining battery. The massage functions helps breast milk to flow more easily. There are 10 intensity levels and the sucking sensation replicates those of a baby. The battery spans up to 2 hours. Every part of Spectra 9+ is BPA Free and is a closed system. This ensures the highest standard of hygiene and health care for every mother. The pump can also be used as a single or double/dual pump. (in the box, there is one more additional breast shield hose set with a bottle.)image

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