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BOBODUCK Disposable Maternity Underwear Panties ( 4pcs / Box )
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How do pregnant women choose disposable underwear ?
To choose pure cotton fabric underwear, ordinary fabric is not comfortable to wear.
Choose comfortable and adjustable waist and bottom design, won't have manacle feeling.
Postpartum mothers are relatively weak in resistance:
Inferior materials may cause allergies and other adverse reactionsm

Features :
100% pure cottone material, soft comfortable, lightweight and breathable .
Each pair of underwear has been sterilized by EO (Ethylene Oxide).
No fluorescent agent, strict material selection, can be used safely.
Natural fibers have good hygroscopicity and air permeability.
Good stretching force at waist and bottom.
Easy to use and carry, suitable for travelling, business trip, postpartum.

Size :
XL:Recommended weight: 60kg Waist circumference 73 - 83 cm
XXL:Recommended weight: 75kg Waist circumference 83 - 93 cm
XXXL:Recommended weight: 75kg Waist circumference 93 - 103 cm

Specification :
Material:Cotton Shelf life: 3 years
Quantity: 20 pcs / 1 box

Usage period:
Before / after childborn
Menstrual period
Business trip and travel

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