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✅EU Organic 欧洲有机认证
✅GMP Certification
✅HACCP Certification
✅ISO Certification

❤️Oil Free 不经油炸或高温处理,营养保留无热气
❤️Non-GMO 非基因改造
❤️Gluten Free 零麩,低敏感婴儿食品系列
❤️No Trans Fat 无反式脂肪
❤️No Preservatives 天然有机,不含添加防腐剂
❤️No Milk, Egg&Nuts 不含牛奶,坚果,大豆,麦麸,鸡蛋,减低宝宝敏感风险
❤️100% Real Fruit&Veg 100%采用有机水果和蔬菜
❤️Vegan Friendly 适合素食者
❤️No Artificial Colours 不含添加色素
❤️No Artificial Flavoring 不含添加调味剂
❤️No Salt&Sugar Added 无添加糖,盐



• Made with organic white rice and rice embryo bud (rice germ), which is highly nutritious!

• No salt, no sugar, no flour, no oil & free from additive.

• Melt easily with saliva, allowing babies with no teeth to chew easily.

• Long shape of the snack is ideal for small hands to grab and self-feed.



• Recommended for babies from 6 months old.

• Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight/heat.

• Always supervise baby during feeding. Ensure baby is seated in upright position.


• Net Weight: 30g

• Made in South Korea